dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Day 352 - Standing up from self-inferiority

Today I would like to speak about a moment where I faced great difficulty, yet where I was able to stand up within the challenge. I did this by using the tools I had learned at Desteni, by asserting myself with breathing and grounding myself physically.

Early on in my professional career I was faced with corporate hierarchies and I had to report to the managers above me. My job was salesman and I had to deliver numbers. At a certain point in time, I got a new manager and I had to learn to deal with him as a person. Due to the organisation in the company I had previously very much been left alone to deliver my results in the way that I saw fit. When the new manager was appointed, I started to experience increased levels of anxiety, as he was pressuring me to improve my output.

In general I would listen to him and value his feedback, but I also noticed that he would place expectations on me that I was seeing I would not realistically be able to fulfill. This was causing stress in me and actually creating an experience where I started to dislike my job.

Then, one day, we had a ‘quick meeting‘, standing face to face in a meetingroom. We were talking about the numbers and he brought up this point of me having to sell 20 contracts in the coming month. I knew that in the past I was able to sell 15 contracts at best, and on average I would sell 10 contracts. In that moment I was very clear that 20 contracts would not be realistic to commit to. So when he brought up the point of the 20 contracts, looking me intensely in the eyes, I focussed on remaining calm and I said in a very calm and allmost nonchalant way: Ok, I’ll do my best.

I could see that he was not happy with my answer and he leaned forward and said: „What ?!!“

At this point I became very anxious. At the same time I realised that I could not show my anxiety and that I had to take responsibility for this situation. I could feel how within my body I was trembling with fear as I was moving myself to speak. While I spoke I made sure that on the outside I remained calm and collected. Here I applied breathing and using my body to ground myself. I said to him that there were circumstances to take into consideration why the 20 contracts may not happen (in a nutshell). A few seconds later in the conversation the tension completely relaxed itself and we were having a comfortable conversation.  

This is how I was able to prove to myself that through changing the relationship with myself, I could change my relationships with others.

For more information on self-forgiveness, breathing and self-change, visit desteni and EQAFE

dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Day 351 - What is the Most Important thing in Life ?

When I looked at this question, the first thing that came up was: breathing. Yet, when looking further at my life and the rhythm of my life, I find that another point is equally important, which is the word ‘home’.

Day in and day out, I leave my home and I return to my home. Meaning the physical place ‘where I live’, the ‘building’. (So the movement of leaving home and coming home resembles the movement of breathing in and breathing out after all)

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a home. There was always this place in this world, where I could go to, return to, come home to. This has been key in my life. Today my home is somewhere else, but it is still ‘my home’. This ‘home’ gives me so much stability throughout my life – I would not be who I was today, had I not had a home.

Within this I realise, that every human being in this world, deserves a home, that place of stability, a place of safety.

Yet for many people in this world, a home is not a given. Why?

Is it perhaps because there are not enough ‘homes’ in the world? We all know, that this is not true... there are more than enough housing opportunities for everyone in the world. A stable life for every person.

The ‘materials’ and the ‘infrastructure’ to create Heaven on earth is here, humans. It is time to stop the past and create the New.

Research Desteni and Earth Haven and get involved.

maandag 9 juli 2018

Day 350 - Waiting for Change instead of consistent Self-Movement

I see/ realise and acknowledge that a degradation has been going on of ‘me’ and my application within my life and my process. This degradation I have calmly hidden behind the belief that my life is hectic and that ‘I have no time’.

I hereby stop this belief and declare it non-valid.

I see that this degradation is and has been affecting all my relationships in my life and mostly puts me in a spot of ‘waiting’ for change to come and change to happen to me – like a salvation. I have thus become like the Christian who waits for salvation.

There is some insight here and there – but then I PLUNGE again within acts of deliberate spitefulness right back into the systematic life and living – right back into the ego and the mind. Just enough to fool myself with the belief ‘that I am still doing something’, ‘at least I am still doing my best’. In reality I am not doing my best at all and I have given up.

There needs to be a consistent movement of self as: self-application, self-breathing, self-writing, self-sharing, self-changing and self-expanding.

When none of this is happening then self will shrink in the mind.

I commit myself to daily:


and will daily challenge myself on these points: am I actually living these words or am I simply creating a BELIEF about myself ?

For more information on writing and self-change, visit www.eqafe.com