donderdag 8 juni 2017

Day 339 - Too Exhausted to do Anything

“I’m too exhausted I can’t do anything” is a thought pattern I face at times after a day of work. It gives me the excuse to divert myself in the evenings and not do anything constructive with myself in the time that I have to myself.

Yes, the work does take a certain ‘toll’ on me – because to work efficiently one need to invest oneself wholeheartedly, give oneself completely – but that does not mean that I am ‘dead’ in the evening. I am still here. I can direct myself and decide to undertake an activity with which to support myself and ‘create’ myself – I can still plant little seeds and water them.

Today I listened to an EQAFE interview that talked about how mind resistance functions. I could see then that this is what I have been allowing: to not put in at least that equal amount of ‘pushing’ that the mind is putting out in reverse in the form of resistance. If the amount of resistance that the mind is putting out is greater than the amount of pushing that I am willing to put out in order to move myself into self-realization and self-change – then the mind will evolve and grow at the detriment of ‘me’ as the life I could be.

That is not a desirable prospect. It speaks for itself that one would like to become ‘more’ and ‘grow’ as a self-expressive person and not become ‘less’. ‘less’ than what and who one really could be as a being, as a person.

What if there is a way to bring out the best in ourselves?

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