zaterdag 28 mei 2016

Day 328 - Redefining CONTROL

Through my self-investigations of the word control – I came to a point where I ‘saw’ how I had lived control in separation of myself as something external, as previously I could not relate to the notion of me living ‘control’ in a constructive manner.

However, after I wrote out my experience with the word – which was mainly ‘negative’, (where it is related to either me suppressing myself or apparently 'being suppressed by others'.) I came to a point where I had sufficient clarity to redefine the word. I defined it as follows:

“Control is the power I have to change myself when I see my pattern is ineffective.”

This ‘redefining’ of the word ‘control’ was simultaneously a self-realization: I saw that I can incorporate control as an approach towards myself that is best for all – instead of how I had experienced it thus far: as something coming from the outside.