dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Day 351 - What is the Most Important thing in Life ?

When I looked at this question, the first thing that came up was: breathing. Yet, when looking further at my life and the rhythm of my life, I find that another point is equally important, which is the word ‘home’.

Day in and day out, I leave my home and I return to my home. Meaning the physical place ‘where I live’, the ‘building’. (So the movement of leaving home and coming home resembles the movement of breathing in and breathing out after all)

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a home. There was always this place in this world, where I could go to, return to, come home to. This has been key in my life. Today my home is somewhere else, but it is still ‘my home’. This ‘home’ gives me so much stability throughout my life – I would not be who I was today, had I not had a home.

Within this I realise, that every human being in this world, deserves a home, that place of stability, a place of safety.

Yet for many people in this world, a home is not a given. Why?

Is it perhaps because there are not enough ‘homes’ in the world? We all know, that this is not true... there are more than enough housing opportunities for everyone in the world. A stable life for every person.

The ‘materials’ and the ‘infrastructure’ to create Heaven on earth is here, humans. It is time to stop the past and create the New.

Research Desteni and Earth Haven and get involved.

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